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Purchasing an Apple Hill Animal

Here at Sheppard Farm, we make a point of interviewing our buyers to make sure our animals go to a prepared and loving home. We like to know what your ownership goals are, from starting a Brood cow herd, to raising your own beef, or even having a Highland pet.  Here are a few things to know about owning a Highland:

1) Highlands, like all cattle, like a buddy. Highlands are herd animals, and we do not encourage you to own just one by itself. Cattle are more at ease when they are with a bovine friend. While some people do run their Highlands with goats, sheep, pigs or even alpacas, we truly recommend another bovine. A cow/calf pair doesn't count as two either as Mama never gets a break from taking care of her calf. Of course at some point you have to wean the calf, then you have two animals that want to be together but cannot.

2) You cannot just buy a cow, turn it out in a field and hope for the best. You'll need good reliable fencing. You'll need a shady area for them to get out of the sun or wind. You'll need a corral to bring them into for vet work or if they have a calving issue. You'll need a reliable hay and water source. You'll need loose minerals & a feeder. You'll need a vet. Getting these things taken care of before the animals arrive will make your life less stressful.

3) How our process works is pretty simple. We ask you about your goals and try to fit the cow with the owner. If you are available to meet the animals beforehand, we welcome clients to the farm by appointment. Once we find the Highland for you, we ask for a 20% deposit to hold your animal(s). We then line up the vet work needed for the animals to move to their new home. We also handle the transfer of paperwork with AHCA to make your life easier ($25 per animal if registered stock). The animals must leave within 40 days of the deposit. Final payment is due prior to pick up. Then you can welcome your new Apple Hill Highland to your own pastures!

If you are interested in starting the process of purchasing from us, please go to the CONTACT US page. Send us your request for our questionnaire. Upon its completion and return, you'll be placed in the queue!