Sheppard Farm on Apple Hill


Sheppard Farm on Apple Hill strives to produce the highest quality registered stock which adheres to the traditional Scotch Highland Cattle breed standards. Peter H Sheppard started this fold as a hobby, looking to help preserve the Breed that was known for its distinctive looks, its calving ease, and its foraging ability. Those initial 6 cows and one bull in 1976 from Pitcher Mountain and Shipway Farm have resulted in years of conscientious breeding and over 560 registered animals in the National Herdbook.

In 2008, Peter's daughter, Heather Sheppard Lunn, launched a direct to customer retail sales marketing of our grass-fed beef. Together, they have grown the herd to provide both beef and brood cows to the discerning clientele. Now with Heather's daughters getting involved, the herd is headed into its 3rd generation of Highland producers.

The herd currently stands at 157 between cows, heifers, calves, steers and bulls. Over the course of our stewardship of the Highland breed, we have started over 100 new Folds from Alabama and Wyoming, to right down the road in Glenville, Pa. We screen each potential buyer to make sure the buyer is prepared for the commitment of their purchase and also to verify the Highlands are going to a safe and knowledgeable home. These animals can live for over 20 years when properly cared for, producing a calf each year. It is vital new owners know the commitment of caring for these animals.

When you are purchasing an Apple Hill Highland, you are purchasing years of quality, clean genetics, traditional Highland conformation, and an animal who will grace your pastures for years to come.

" Our first bull was 7 year old Apple Hill Collum. He was very masculine, with a long straight top line and he produced beautiful calves that shared his excellent, gentle disposition. Since we were so impressed with him, we didn't hesitate to contact Sheppard Farm when we needed to replace him.
Apple Hill Drambuie really stood out to us with his excellent conformation and calm, even temperament when we met. He is approachable, well mannered and has excellent genetics that we believe will work well with our Fold. "Buie" is incredibly easy to work with, is very respectful of human space and is a natural born leader in his pasture.
We couldn't be happier with our purchase & look forward to his offspring."
Carol & Troy
Dry Creek Cattle
Gettysburg, Pa